Coach Now

Your Professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your golfing goals. In 2018, we started using an online coaching platform called ‘Coach Now’. This online platform allows us to communicate with our athletes; from beginners or high handicap golfers to experienced or low handicap players. You can either download the Coach Now app onto your tablet or mobile device, or visit the website at


Individual Training Spaces


Every time you take a lesson at the club, you will be set up with a Training Space for you and your coach to communicate. Your training space is individual to you, it is your personal locker to improve your golf game and only you and your coach have access to it. No longer do you need to take notes after a lesson as we are able to upload videos, pictures and documents into your training space. This allows you to review previous lessons, recall prescribed drills and keep in regular contact with your coach to make sure you are practicing properly and the drill are effective. You can even scroll back through your history to see how your swing has changed and your game has improved!


Team Training Space


We want to be your go to space for all things game improvement. New for 2019 is the St. Charles Team Training Space! Throughout the season, your Professionals will be posting videos to help you improve your game. Videos will range from product reviews, to swing tips, short game instruction and on course play. To join the space, ask your coach to invite you through your account or you can join by clicking on the link in the Pro Shop weekly emails. When you click the link, only create an account if you do not already have one. For members who have been set up with a Training Space, scroll to the bottom and select ‘I have an account’.


Your team of Professionals are passionate coaches and want to see you play your best golf. It is our goal to provide you with all the opportunities you need to shoot your lowest scores. Contact us in the Pro Shop to get started with Coach Now today!


Derrik Goodwin
Associate Professional