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The St. Charles Professionals want to provide more opportunities for you to shoot lower scores. The Professionals can be contacted by email or calling the Pro Shop.


Understanding the Cycles of Improving your Swing

I’m sure you have heard it before: “Winter is the best time to work on your golf swing,” and “You can make permanent changes to your swing while not worrying where your ball goes.” You may have even heard your coach tell you about the stages of learning and how nobody is exempt from them. […]

The Benefit of Slow-Motion Swings

Far too often golfers overlook the potential benefit of slow-motion swings. Slow-motion swings could be the best form of practice that you can do, and you do not need to be at the golf course, driving range or your winter training practice facility.   Slow-motion swings were first introduced to me when I attended a […]

Coach Now

Your Professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your golfing goals. In 2018, we started using an online coaching platform called ‘Coach Now’. This online platform allows us to communicate with our athletes; from beginners or high handicap golfers to experienced or low handicap players. You can either download the Coach Now app onto your […]

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